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Parent Visa

Aged Dependent Relative Visa - Subclass 838/114

Applicants of an appropriate age may apply for a Permanent Aged Dependent Relative Visa. They put their trust in a cousin in Australia who qualified to receive financial assistance. The visa applicant must be outside of Australia when this application is submitted. Visa eligibility requirements:

  • The relative or the relative’s spouse is paying for your visa.
  • You’re getting on in years and still don’t have a spouse or common-law partner.
  • Before migration, one must rely on a sponsor for financial support.
  • Respect the necessary moral and physical standards
  • To meet all the required dependencies
  • Provide reassurance that they will be helped

As you get older and can no longer work, your Australian relative has been taking care of your requirements for you. An Australian relative must have maintained the visa applicant’s elderly dependent status for the preceding years before visa application submission. The sponsor is above 18 and is already a resident or citizen of Australia. And the qualifying New Zealand citizen can sponsor the family member.

Visa rules

A permanent visa for an elderly relative means that the applicant and his family can settle in Australia forever. They are eligible to apply for citizenship and can freely travel to other nations. Visa holders will need to reapply for a new visa after five years.

The subclass 114 visa for dependents over 65 receives a lower priority than other family-based visa categories. As a result, prospective applicants should only apply for this visa if they are very optimistic that they will be granted it. The relevant agency will not issue a credit if an application is canceled or denied.


The Department may impose certain age and health restrictions on applicants. Each country the applicant has called home for at least a year in the preceding decade must also supply a police character certificate. The health and character standards must be met upon request from the Immigration Department.

Visa Details

Visa Subclass:
Length of stay:
From AUD 4,425
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