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Prospective Marriage Visa – Subclass 300

Prospective Marriage visa is applicable for people who are interested to visit Australia just to get married with Fiancé or future spouse. Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300) is temporary kind of visa and is offered to applicants for time period of 9 months. The time period to live in Australia starts from the very first day the visa is offered.

Requirements of prospective marriage visa (subclass 300)

  • The applicant must be residing outside Australia at the time of lodging application for Prospective Marriage Visa.
  • The applicant can only visit Australia after getting visa Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300)
  • It is essential for the visa holder and their prospective spouse to get married, either in or outside Australia, within the validity of the visa being within a 9 months time period.
  • After getting married, the applicant is eligible to apply for Partner visa (801 and 820 subclasses); however the application must be lodged before expiry of Prospective Marriage visa (Subclass 300)
  • It is required to enter Australia by the date mentioned by Immigration Department. If it is impossible to arrive before given date, contact with the concerning department.
  • For New Zealand citizens, Special Visa Category subclass 444 is issued that overrides Fiancé Marriage visa 300.
  • In order to get married and settled in Australia on permanent basis, the Prospective Marriage visa is considered the best for applicants.

Visa obligations for prospective marriage visa

Prospective Marriage visa gives you opportunity to visit Australia prior to get marital status. There is no restriction if you want to move in or out of Australia. Subclass 300 visa holders can work and study but they are not given government funds. After getting married, the applicant becomes eligible to file application for permanent visa.

How to apply for prospective marriage visa

To show genuine nature of your claims, you are required to provide relevant documents and copies of your passport. To lodge your application online, create ImmiAccount and fill migration to Australia application form . On the contrary, the sponsor will complete sponsorship form for your migration to Australia.

Each visa category has specific processing time. Processing time gets prolonged if you have not provided health checks or character certificate. In case of incomplete information, the applicant is informed to provide relevant information. The applicant is bound to wait for decision before making arrangements for travel. The applicants are demanded to give an interview and bring requested documents to prove your identity.

Report in case of changed conditions

In changed circumstances such as address, passport, relationship status, death of family member or pregnancy; you are bound to inform the concerning department. The applicants can inform either using ImmiAccount or by completing relevant forms. In case of changed passport or address, fill form 929. For changes in circumstances, complete form 1022. If the applicant has got married before getting visa subclass 300, inform the Immigration Department with certified copy of marriage certificate. When relevant information is not provided, the applicant may face delay or permission denial at airport.

Application Withdrawal

The applicant is given right to withdraw Prospective Marriage visa application before decision is taken. You can send an email or deliver letter with complete personal detail, file reference number, transaction reference number and birth certificate.

Applicants lodge visa application and pay application fee. If you are not sure which visa category is right to support your case, get visa specialists guidance to meet the criteria for application lodgement.


Visa Details

Visa Subclass:
Length of stay:
Nine months.
From AUD 7,850
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