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Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa - Subclass 600

Visitor visas are a simple and flexible way to come to Australia for tourism or business trips, especially for those who aren’t eligible for an electronic tourist visa. They can be granted for periods ranging from one day to five years, but most commonly are granted for periods between 3 to 12 months.

There are several streams of subclass 600 Visitor Visa but we will focus on the tourist and business visitor streams as the other streams are for very specific circumstances.

Application process

In most cases, this is a simple one-stage application process with no requirement for sponsorship. In some cases the Department may request that you are sponsored by a family member and a bond is lodged to ensure that you leave Australia at the end of your visa period.

Eligibility criteria for subclass 600 visitor visa

The main criteria for being granted a subclass 600 visitor visa include:

  • Being a genuine temporary visitor to Australia (i.e. be willing to leave Australia before your visa expires and you become unlawful)
  • Standard health and character criteria
  • You have the means to support yourself or you will be supported by someone else while in Australia
  • You will not be in Australia for more than 12 consecutive months unless there are exceptional circumstances

Tourist stream vs business visitor stream

  • The tourist steam is for people who want to visit family and friends in Australia, or travel around and see the sights.
  • The business visitor stream is for people who want to attend a conference (in an unpaid capacity), enter into a business contract or make a general business-related enquiry in Australia. This does not include any kind of paid work or provision of goods or services, whether to another business or to the general Australian public.

Common problems for applicants

  • Visitor visas come with a no work condition so you are not allowed to undertake any paid work while in Australia.
  • You will need to show your ties to your home country such as family,  work, property ownership or ongoing studies.
  • You need to meet the health requirement . You may be required to undergo a health assessment prior to coming to Australia if you indicate you have a health condition while applying for the visa.
  • If you have already spent considerable time in Australia recently, have a criminal conviction or a negative immigration history, your visa may take longer to process and may not be granted
  • Always be aware of your current visa’s expiry date and conditions. Letting a visa expire without applying for a new one can have severe consequences, even if you try to apply the next day.

Visitor visa applicant FAQ

You can be inside or outside Australia to apply for this visa.

If you applied from inside Australia, you must be inside Australia to receive the visa.

If you applied from outside Australia, you must be outside Australia to receive the visa.

All family members must apply for their own separate visitor visas.

This visa does not allow for waiver of the health requirement.

Tourist stream: Highly variable.

Business stream: Usually up to three months maximum.

Visa Details

Visa Subclass:
Length of stay:
Upto 3,6 Or 12 Months
From AUD140 to AUD1020.
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