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Parent Visa

Contributory Parent Visas - Subclass 173,143,884 & 864

One of these visas might be right for you if you are a settled Australian citizen or permanent resident who would like to sponsor your parents to join you in Australia. You should know that this visa has extremely high application fees before you apply.

You can check out non-contributory parent visas if you’re looking for a parent visa with a more extended processing period but a lower application price (link).

Contributory parent visa application process

For each candidate, you must pay a hefty cost (about $45,000) if you want to get a contributing parent visa. There are two ways you can organize this procedure:

  1. Apply for the Parent Contributor Visa right now.
  2. You’ll need to fork up $3,700 for your visa application.
  3. Remit a second payment of about $43,000 per candidate.
  4. Permanent residency


  1. Apply for a parent’s temporary visa to Canada to contribute to their
  2. A visa application will cost you around $2,500.
  3. Make a second payment of roughly $29,000 per application.
  4. Visas for short stays are granted.
  5. The permanent contributory parent visa must be applied for within two years.
  6. Apply for a visa, which typically costs around $300.
  7. Submit a second payment of roughly $19,500 per applicant and then collect a permanent visa.

Due to the current backlog, the second installment for contributing parent visas is only due right before the visa is issued, which can take up to three years.

Aged parent visas

Documentation for parents of children who are 18 or older seeking visas

It’s important to note that there are two different contributory parent visas. The first is for parents younger than Australia’s pension age (now 65), and the second is for those parents who are older than that. The aged parent visa (subclass 864 for permanent, subclass 884 for temporary) is different because it can be sought inside of Australia, meaning that a bridging visa allows you to remain in Australia. At the same time, your application is pending and can be granted.

No bridging visas will be issued to applicants who apply from within Australia under the pension age.

The Criteria for Acceptance of Financial Support from Parents Abroad

A parent’s ability to financially support their child is one of the requirements for a “contributory parent” visa.

  • Your benefactor currently resides in Australia.
  • There are more kids in Australia than in any other country.
  • You and your family have plans to pay back the Australian government for any social services you or any household members use in the first two years after your visa is granted.

There is no reason to deny your visa application because of your health.

Common problems for applicants

  • For this, you’ll need to show proof that your sponsor has a permanent address in Australia.
  • After applying for a contributing parent visa (link), if you decide you would instead apply for a non-contributory parent visa, you will need to withdraw your original parent visa application.
  • Before issuing the visa, you must demonstrate that you have the funds available to pay the second installment when it is due.
  • Your ability to sponsor a partner or spouse for a partner visa (link) will be temporarily revoked for five years if you are awarded a contributing parent visa.

You must be informed of when your existing visa expires and what the terms of that visa are. If your visa expires without renewal, you may face serious consequences even if you apply for a new one the next day.

Contributory parent visa application FAQ

Non-aged parent (subclasses 173 and 143): living outside of Australia.

Visa subclasses 884 and 864 (elderly parents): Australia.

Non-aged parent (subclasses 173 and 143): living outside Australia.

Aged parent visa subclasses 884 and 864 apply only within Australia.

The entire category: Family members under the age of 23 and legal or common-law partners. Your adult children must be dependent on you financially. Applicants applying as a secondary must pay the entire amount of the secondary installment if they are 18.

Any categories: This visa does not qualify for a health waiver.

Two-year temporary visa (subclass 173 and 884) valid for stays of up to two years.

Subclass 864 and 143 visas are permanent and allow five years of travel. The only catch is that if you leave Australia for more than five years and then wish to return, you’ll need to apply for a resident return visa.

Visa Details

Visa Subclass:
173,143,884 & 864
Length of stay:
From AUD 19,750
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