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Partner Visa

Permanent Partner Visa (onshore) – Subclass 801

Australian Citizenship and Immigration Department provides favorable situations for offshore and onshore applicants to join their partners. The immigration process is sponsored by the partners. Subclass 801 allows de facto partner or spouse to live on permanent basis in Australia. It is obligatory that applicants’ partners are living in Australia on permanent basis or have citizenship of Australia or New Zealand.

Requirements for permanent partner visa

  • You must have subclass visa 820 and are living in Australia at the time of applying for subclass 801
  • You must have genuine relationship with the partner and are in relationship for at least two years.
  • The applicant must qualify the assessment that is carried out by Immigration Department.
  • In case of any change in your circumstance, notify the Immigration Department to avoid any delay

Permanent visa privileges

After receiving permanent partner visa, you are allowed to work and improve living standard. It is possible to carry on your study in Australia. Permanent visa holders are eligible to get medical benefits and social security payments.

Application procedure

Onshore Partner Visa has two clauses and every applicant has to apply for provisional 820 as well as permanent visa 801 through single application. To verify your claims, provide authentic and relevant documents. In case, some of your documents are not ready at the time of lodging application, mention these documents and deliver them as early as possible.

To file online application, get login to ImmiAccount and get access to relevant application form.  Applicants are given opportunity to send their applications by post or in person.

If the application and given documents are authentic, temporary visa is granted for the time until permanent partner visa is in assessment phase. It takes almost two years to receive onshore subclass visa 801.

There are certain cases when permanent partner visa is granted without completing two years time period. These conditions are as follows:

The applicant has been in de facto or marital relationship for three years when applying for partner visa
You have been in relationship for two years and have a dependent infant
If your partner was given permanent or protection visa and there was a relationship before visa approval

Subclass 801 is suitable for same sex or heterosexual relationships. Before applying for visa, consult with Visa Migration specialists to speed up visa application process


Visa Details

Visa Subclass:
Length of stay:
From AUD 7,850
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