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Visitor Visa

Working Holiday Visa - Subclass 417

Would you like to take a year or two out from studying or working to travel around Australia? Then this might be the visa for you. Working holiday visas are designed for backpackers or people taking a gap year to expand their horizons. They are cheap, simple to apply for and relatively quick to process.

Application process

This is a simple, one-stage application process with no sponsorship requirement.

Subclass 417 working holiday visa eligible passports

NorwaySwedenThe Netherlands
IrelandThe United KingdomEstonia
Hong Kong SARCyprusThe Republic of Korea

Eligibility criteria for working holiday visas

Criteria differ slightly between the two types of visa but are largely similar. They include:

  • You have turned 18 but not 31
  • Standard health and character criteria
  • You will not be accompanied by dependent children at any point, whether they are Australian citizens or otherwise
  • You genuinely intend to enter Australia as a visitor taking a holiday
  • If you have already held a working holiday visa before, you can apply for a single extension as long as you have spent at least 3 months working in rural Australia in tourism or agriculture.

Common problems for applicants

  • You must not work for the same employer for longer than 6 months while holding a working holiday visa.
  • Be aware that if you fall pregnant while in Australia on a working holiday visa, when you give birth you will be considered to be accompanied by a dependent child and will need to apply for a different visa or leave Australia.
  • You need to meet the health requirement . You may be required to undergo a health assessment prior to coming to Australia if you indicate you have a health condition while applying for the visa.
  • Always be aware of your current visa’s expiry date and conditions. Letting a visa expire without applying for a new one can have severe consequences, even if you try to apply the next day.

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Working holiday visa applicant FAQ

You can apply from either outside Australia or inside Australia.

If you applied from inside Australia, you must be inside Australia to receive the visa.

If you applied from outside Australia, you must be outside Australia to receive the visa.

All family members must apply for their own separate working holiday visas. Please note you cannot be accompanied by dependent children while on a working holiday visa.

This visa does not allow for waiver of the health requirement.

This visa lasts for one year and can be extended for a further year if you have worked for 3 months in tourism or agriculture in rural Australia

Visa Details

Visa Subclass:
Length of stay:
Up To 12 Months
From AUD 495
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