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Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream - Subclass 132

Do you think you have what it takes to secure venture financing and launch new businesses? Do you hope to immigrate to Australia so that you can contribute your skills there? If so, this visa might be the best option for you.

Nomination by a state or territory is necessary for all subclass 132 visas, but nomination rules vary by jurisdiction.

Subclass 132 visas, like GSM visas, are subject to SkillSelect’s Expression of Interest requirement. Contrarily, the points exam is not necessary to obtain this visa.

Methods for applying to Subclass 132

  1. Take an English proficiency exam if you must.
  2. Subclass 132 nomination applications must be submitted to Australian states and territories.
  3. Submit an Expression of Interest to SkillSelect if your nomination is accepted.
  4. Get a call saying you’ve been selected to apply.
  5. To apply, please respond within 60 days of invitation.

Requirements for obtaining a Visa Subclass 132

Significant business experience is one of the primary requirements for a subclass 132 visa in the significant business history stream.

  1. Having been nominated by a state or territory in Australia
  2. You and your significant other have not engaged in any business or investing practices that would be considered illegal or unethical in Australia.
  3. To establish, grow, or expand a business in Australia, you have entered into a legally binding funding arrangement with an Australian firm member of a designated venture capital organization.
  4. An amount of at least AU$1,000,000 is specified in the funding agreement.
  5. You have a serious intention of conducting business in Australia and keeping control of an existing Australian company.
  6. The Usual Requirements Regarding Physical Fitness And Moral Compass

Cancellation of Subclass 132 Flights: Potential Risks

Subclass 132 visas are meant to be permanent, but all too often, they are revoked after only two years, causing a significant hardship for families who must uproot and move.

Because the primary visa holder must demonstrate a reasonable faith effort to actively pursue business opportunities in Australia during the validity length of the visa, which is typically two years, your visa, as well as that of your family members, may be revoked if you are unable to provide evidence that this has been done.

Some suggestions to help you prevent having your reservation canceled:

  • If you are not 100% sure that you can relocate your firm to Australia within two years, you should not apply for a category 132 visa. The Immigration Office will not accept the justification that you had to stay outside Australia to take care of business.
  • It is not required that you launch a profitable enterprise in Australia is not required, but you must demonstrate an honest effort to do so. Thus, you must maintain all papers and records of correspondence with prospective business partners.
  • Most of your time and energy should be devoted to your Australian business activities. However, you are free to maintain some involvement with international ventures.
  • People who try to start an Australian business at the last minute, such as after being told their visa may be canceled, tend to get a hostile reception from the Immigration Department.
  • While there is no set requirement for how much time you must spend in Australia, it could be interpreted as a lack of commitment to the local economy if you pay the vast majority of your time elsewhere.

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