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Distinguished Talent Visa (Subclass 124)

With effect from February 27, 2021, the Global Talent Visa Subclass 858 will take the place of this visa. In case you have any questions about this visa, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office.

Global Talent Visa (Subclass 858)

The Global Talent visa is reserved for those who stand out from the crowd and are at the very top in their fields. This visa is intended for those who have an extensive rthis visa hopes to improve the lives of people in Australia. This visa covers three primary categories of activities.

Global talent visa program

The Global Talent Visa Program (GTVP), also known as the Global Talent Independent Program (GTIIP), is a specialised federal initiative that streamlines and prioritises applications from certain exceptionally qualified individuals who may not have extensive overseas experience. Australia is looking for top talent from across the world to fill positions in seven emerging industries. The goal of the initiative is to promote technological innovation and economic development. Candidates are especially encouraged to apply if they are recent recipients of a PhD, MA, or BS with honours. Applicants working or attending school in one of these seven fields are eligible for GTI’s expedited review process:

  • AgTech
  • Space and Advanced Manufacturing
  • FinTech
  • Energy and Mining Technology
  • MedTech
  • Cyber Security
  • Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science and ICT

The applicants should be or show promise of becoming high-earners. You can use the Fair Work Australia High Income Threshold as a benchmark. Price as of this now is $153600. Department of Home Affairs has set up a specialised section to evaluate programme interest and to provide endorsement identifiers to those who meet the program’s requirements, guaranteeing faster service for those who receive them. There will be 15,000 slots available in the programme in 2020-2021.

Covid-19 has brought the Global Talent Officers who interact with applicants to Australia from London, Shanghai, Singapore, and Washington, DC.

The Global Talent Visa Program and the Distinguished Talent route are two options available to participants. Priority processing for the Global Talent visa programme requires an Expression of interest, while the other programmes are intended for applicants in non-technical fields.

Global Talent Employer Sponsored Program

There are certain highly specialised and specialty occupations that cannot be filled by an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and for which this programme allows firms to sponsor foreign workers. So, it’s not just for jobs that can be held for a few months or a year. A TSS application can be submitted at that time if the applicant meets the criteria for the programme.

Contributing to South Australia's Innovative Environment.

This is a brand-new initiative being tested in the Australian state of South Australia; if it proves effective, the programme will be rolled out nationally.

Application process

A nomination from a nationally-recognized Australian person or organisation may be required in advance of visa filing, depending on the applicant and the programme chosen.

Guidelines for obtaining a Subclass 858 Visa

Essential requirements for a Global Talent visa are:

  1. You have a history of remarkable success in which is recognised on a global scale:
    • A profession
    • A sport
    • The arts
    • Academia and research
  2. Your performance has been steady and reliable.
  3. You continue to be a major player in your field.
  4. Australia might really benefit from your expertise.
  5. If you’ve accomplished a lot in your field, an Australian citizen or permanent resident who works in your field or an organisation that can vouch for your credentials will put in a nomination for you.
  6. Australia might use your help especially if you are either younger than 18 or older than 55.
  7. Criteria typically associated with health and character

Applying from outside Australia (subclass 858) as a dependant or secondary applicant?

You must have been a member of the primary applicant’s family at the time of application and the time of the decision.

On the other hand, you qualify as a family member if you:

If you can show that your relationship with the original applicant has ended and that you were a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of the primary applicant, your visa application may be successful.

Requirements for Visas

Visa applicants may meet the requirements below.

  • be nominated by someone.
  • must have accomplished remarkable things and be widely known for their work in the arts, sciences, athletics, or academics.
  • have degrees and/or honours from universities/organizations that are widely recognised as authoritative in their fields.
  • Prominence in one’s field is typically demonstrated by maintaining relevant professional affiliations and/or obtaining an invitation, if applicable.
  • be able to communicate in English adequately (otherwise a fee will apply)

Meet all of the physical and moral standards.

Common problems with applications

For this visa to be granted, you must be a recognised leader in your chosen area. If you’re an athlete, for instance, people assume you’ll be among the world’s best five.

You can’t have retired, as you need to still be a major player in the industry.

The nomination document, which should be a thorough account of your accomplishments, must be submitted concurrently with the application.

You still need to prove that your record is extraordinary when compared to international norms even if it has been recognised as such in your own country.

Having doubts about whether or not your past accomplishments qualify you for consideration? Having problems being confident that you have properly completed your nomination form? Get in touch with Gem Services for help.

Distinguished talent applicant FAQ

You don’t have to be in the immigration clearance process to apply, although you can be.

Visas can be granted whether you’re already in or outside of Australia, but not during the immigration clearance process.

Those who are under the age of 23, as well as their wives or de facto partners. Your adult children must rely on you for financial support.

The health condition is strictly enforced for this visa.

This visa is valid indefinitely and includes five years of multiple entry. This allows you to remain in Australia indefinitely, but after five years you’ll need to apply for a resident return visa if you wish to come back.

Visa Details

Visa Subclass:
155 and 157
Length of stay:
Permanent visa with travel facility of up to 5 years
From AUD 410
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