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Resident Return Visa – Subclass 155 and 157

Although permanent resident visas in Australia allow holders to remain in the country indefinitely, there is a time limit on when you can leave the country and reenter on the same visa. A resident return visa can be applied for to prolong the amount of time you have to return to Australia without having to become a citizen.

If you have left Australia and your prior permanent resident visa has expired, this visa may also allow you to reinstate your permanent resident status and return to the country.

Resident return visa application process

There is no need to secure sponsorship for this visa, as it is a “single-step” process.

Eligibility requirements for resident return visas

Although the specific criteria for receiving a resident return visa are intricate, candidates can be broadly classified into three groups:

  • Individuals who have been permanent residents or citizens of Australia for at least two years within the past five years.
  • Individuals having strong ties to Australia who have spent at least some time there within the past five or ten years.
  • Those who have had lengthy vacations from Australia yet have compelling reasons for doing so

A step-parent relationship between the sponsored parent and the child is possible. If you think you might be in any of the above categories and would want more guidance on your eligibility, please contact us. (The step-connection parent’s with the partner is terminated, but the step-parent is legally liable to take care of the child.)

Common problems for applicants

  1. Track the number of days you’ve already spent in Australia. The application process is straightforward for those who have spent more than 730 days in the country in the preceding five years, but grows more involved for everyone else.
  2. Further, if you don’t have substantial ties to Australia, you can’t keep your permanent residency status there.
  3. Be mindful of when the permission to travel on your permanent visa may expire. Even if you are welcome to remain in Australia indefinitely, your visa will expire if you leave the country without renewing your travel facility.

If you have any questions about the documentation you’ll need to submit for this visa application, any concerns about your potential eligibility, or if you’d want some help preparing your application.

Typical issues with applications

  • It’s crucial that you use the appropriate occupation when making nominations. Your visa application may be approved or denied based on the specified occupation, and you cannot alter your mind once it has been submitted.
  • If you are applying for a General Skilled Migration visa and have not met the English language requirements within the past three years, you should take an English proficiency exam as soon as feasible.

Keep in mind the terms and circumstances of your current visa if you wish to apply from within Australia. If your visa expires without you applying for a new one, you may face serious repercussions even if you apply the very next day.

Resident return visa application FAQ

This visa can be applied for from within or outside of Australia.

This visa can be applied for from within or outside of Australia.

Members of your immediate relatives who were not lawful permanent residents cannot be included.

This visa does not have any sort of medical condition.

The validity periods for these permanent visas to allow for travel vary. Once you’ve lived in Australia for 2 years, you’ll be eligible for a 5-year travel facility. Otherwise, the length of time you’re allowed to use the travel facility is between one year and three months.

Visa Details

Visa Subclass:
155 and 157
Length of stay:
Permanent visa with travel facility of up to 5 years
From AUD 410
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