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Employer Sponsored Visa

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa - Subclass 482

As long as the Australian government gives its blessing, qualified firms can sponsor foreign nationals for temporary work visas under the Temporary Skill Shortage visa category.

Under this visa type, foreign workers with specialized capabilities are invited to Australia to demonstrate their worth to a sponsoring firm.

This category of visas includes the following subsets:

  • Short-Term Stream
  • Medium-Term Stream
  • Labour Agreement Stream

Benefits of this visa:

  • After this visa expires, you can apply for permanent residency if you meet the requirements.
  • In Australia, you can put in hours for your vetted employer.
  • Your spouse and any of your children or stepchildren who meet the eligibility requirements are welcome to join you.
  • All your dependents who meet the requirements can join you in Australia, where you can pursue your career and further your education.
  • You can leave and return to Australia whenever you like.
  • Any age is welcome to join.
  • Applicants who have jobs on the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List can use the Short-Term Stream to stay in Australia for up to 2 years with a sponsoring employer or four years if an International Trade Obligation (ITO) applies.

Medium-Term Stream: The Medium-Term stream necessitates that the applicant’s occupation is on the Medium and long-term skilled occupation list. It permits the applicant to stay in Australia for up to 4 years while working for the sponsored employer (unless excluded).

Labour Agreement Stream: Work visas under the Labour Agreement Stream allow talented workers to enter Australia and find employment with a sponsoring company with a valid Labor Agreement with the Australian government. Applicants can use this pathway to stay in Australia for up to four years while working for an employer sponsor, subject to the restrictions of the applicable labor agreement.


Step -1: a company must submit a sponsorship application.

Step -2: the approval of the employer’s sponsorship application.

Step -3: your company will put you forward for a nomination to a specific Skilled position.

Step -4: Submit an Application for a Visa.

Step -5: Book a flight to Australia as soon as you have your visa.

Eligibility criteria for applicant:

  • A sponsoring organization or employer is required.
  • You will need two years of experience in a nominated or similar occupation.
  • If asked, your Skill Assessment should be high.
  • You are required to have medical coverage when in Australia.
  • Before you submit your visa application, you must show proof that you are in good health by passing a medical examination.
  • The police clearance certificate will prove that you have good moral character.

Eligibility criteria for employers:

  • The company hiring you must be legitimate and actively operating in Australia.
  • The terms and conditions of employment must be spelled out in a legally binding contract that the employer must submit.
  • The nominated candidate should get a remuneration that is commensurate with the industry’s going rate.
  • The company should detail the job’s scope and length.
  • If necessary, the employer should be able to demonstrate that Australian citizens or permanent residents were given preference when hiring for the position in question.

English requirement:

  • Short–Term Stream–  The minimum required score for the Short-Term Stream on the IELTS or equivalent is 4.5 unless an exemption applies.
  • Medium-Term Stream– IELTS or equivalent with a minimum of 5 in each module or proof of exemption.
  • Labor Agreement Stream – Unless otherwise specified, the terms of the Labour Agreement stream contract will apply.

Exemption for english requirement:

  • If you have a passport from Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, or the United States of America, you can enter the country visa-free.
  • If you spent at least five years in high school immersed in the English language.
  • If your intended place of employment is a Diplomatic or Consular Mission of another country or a Governmental Office in Taiwan, then you may apply for this category.
  • If you are qualified for the position because you have the appropriate certification, registration, or membership.
  • You are guaranteed a yearly salary of at least AUD 96,400 if you work for an overseas company or a company affiliated with such a company.

Common problems:

Please submit a new Form 929 to the Department as soon as possible if your phone number or passport information changes after you have already submitted your visa application.

To avoid having your visa application rejected because you failed to give the proper documentation, you should contact the appropriate department and ask for clarification on the documents you must submit.

You can begin working for your new company as soon as your visa is approved (usually within 90 days).

Only a subset of jobs necessitates a Skills Assessment. Thus it’s not necessary for all careers.

If you no longer wish to be sponsored by your current employer, you will have 60 days to either leave Australia or find a newly approved business to nominate you for the same occupation.

If you want to get through this without hitting any roadblocks, it’s highly recommended that you consult with Registered Migration Agents.

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Your spouse must submit the Subsequent Entrant visa application.

No, secondary applicants are exempt from the English requirement.

No, only a spouse, child, or stepchild can be listed on a visa application; parents are not eligible for this type of visa.

The visa can be requested even if you are not currently in Australia.

In all likelihood, you can apply.

Visa Details

Visa Subclass:
Length of stay:
2-4 Years
From AUD 1290 -2690
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