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PIC 4020

Refusing a visa on the grounds of public interest criteria 4020 (pic 4020)

What is PIC 4020?

The Home Affairs case officer may deny a visa application under Public Interest Criterion 4020 if the applicant has engaged in any conduct contrary to the public interest.

  • A fake document was submitted.
  • Information that is either untrue or deceptive, When the minister has doubts about the applicant’s identity notwithstanding the submission of supporting paperwork.
  • Suppose you have had a visa application denied within the last three years owing to PIC 4020 (for fraudulent documents or information) or ten years (for identity problems). In that case, you will not be able to satisfy PIC 4020.

What are the consequences of PIC 4020 visa refusal?

  • If your Australian visa application were denied or canceled because of fraudulent documents or misrepresented facts, you would be ineligible to apply for another visa to Australia for three years. This need can be waived under exceptional circumstances, although doing so is difficult.
  • Failure to pass PIC 4020 due to insufficient identity documentation will result in a 10-year ban on visa application entry to Australia.
  • During the prohibition period, your spouse or partner will also be denied an Australian visa.

What should you do if the department sends you a notice claiming you failed PIC 4020? Suppose your visa application gets denied.

The Department will notify you through letter if they suspect you have submitted incorrect information or forged documents or if there is a concern with your identity. This is your first chance to explain yourself and provide supporting evidence to prove that you were telling the truth, so you must reply.

Your visa application may be subject to review if you are in Australia or seeking a sponsored visa, which is denied. Review is the only avenue available for challenging a PIC 4020 judgment, so it’s crucial to pursue it if you have review rights and think the decision was erroneous.

Every year, a large number of people fall victim to PIC 4020. Inadvertently marking the wrong box on a form or a new secretary at a prior workplace claiming they are unaware of your employment could cause this.

In what ways may Gem Services assist with PIC 4020 cases?

If your visa hasn’t already been denied, we can help you react to the Department and present your case most compellingly and persuasively.

We will apply with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, draught submission letters, assist you in determining the best evidence for your claims, and represent you at the review hearing if your visa was denied and you have review rights.

In an emergency, you can expect a reply within 24 hours.

  • The evaluation of your situation is free of charge.
  • Immediate attention – same-day turnaround (Weekends, after hours as well).
  • Constantly obtainable to address concerns (Phone, Email, In person).
  • One-stop shopping for any needs (Document certification, attestation, true copy, etc.).
  • Letters, submissions, explanations, and other documentation are all written for you and sent by us.
  • It’s staffed by pros who are always there to lend a helping hand, and the office is in a prime.

Our migration specialists are happy to meet with you and give you an idea of what to expect and how the process works during your scheduled consultation.

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